15 Years of Helping Musicians: The OBEDIA Story

by | Jul 16, 2019 | Industry News

Celebrating 15 of taming technology for computer recording musicians.

15 years ago, OBEDIA (a contraction of “Obedient Media”) came into being. It was intended to fill the support void that plagued musicians since the advent of computer-based recording. 

15 years ago, OBEDIA (a contraction of “Obedient Media”) started to fill the support void that plagued musicians since the advent of computer-based recording. All too often, problems were due to operating system and hardware/software compatibility issues that individual companies simply couldn’t handle. 

According to CEO Jayce Murphy, “In the early days of OBEDIA, technology had gotten to the point where musicians had to be IT professionals just to make music. We saw a need that wasn’t being filled and felt we could make a difference. I love computers, I love music, so it was natural to be involved in helping musicians make music, instead of having them spend hours with tech support that often didn’t have a solution or get suggestions from well-meaning people that actually made matters worse, not better.”

In 2010, OBEDIA relocated to Nashville, TN. Then in 2013, after a long partnership, OBEDIA acquired PCAudioLabs. This meant OBEDIA could provide Windows-based computers optimized specifically for high-performance audio. Murphy explains, “It’s important to remember that there’s no such thing as a ‘PC’ per se—there are a bunch of components, from multiple companies, that when assembled create a PC. For a computer to do high-performance, audio or video, every element of the computer has to be dedicated to that goal.”

OBEDIA supports Mac and Windows and now has moved to a subscription model to provide more accessible pricing. From 1-month subscriptions to solve immediate setup problems and longer subscriptions that give the best value when users need to handle ongoing training and support needs. 

OBEDIA also publishes free white papers and content seen by over 25,000 YouTube subscribers and 12,000 social media channel subscribers. Brian Lorelle, OBEDIA’s CTO, states that “One of OBEDIA’s goals is to continue leveraging the power of social media to help our customers tame their technology, we continue to seek new ways to ensure that we use new technology to help our customers.”

To celebrate this anniversary, at Summer NAMM 2019 OBEDIA is partnering with PreSonus to provide free trial subscriptions bundled with AudioBox products, special subscriber pricing for Magix products and will introduce the Rok Box MC-XV Anniversary Edition system from PCAudioLabs. Additionally, there will be giveaways of a MC-XV along with OBEDIA subscriptions and bundles from PreSonus and Magix.

Full article and more details here: https://obedia.com/15-years-of-helping-musicians/