Yamaha DBR12 800-Watt Active PA Speakers Review

yamaha dbr12Yamaha
DBR12 800-Watt Active PA Speakers – $499/each

PROS: Great sound, flexible applications, lightweight, affordable.
CONS: None.
PRICE: $499/each

The new DBR loudspeakers from Yamaha are quite a sweet surprise. Out of the box, they’re incredibly lightweight, yet powerfully-voiced with no compromise to sound quality. If your back aches after a few weeks on tour acting as your own roadie, these might be a welcome addition to your stage rig. Likewise, as a sound solution in a venue, the ability to pole mount these or use them as wedge floor monitors gives you flexibility depending on your stage setup needs.

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To switch between PA use and floor monitor usage, just activate the built-in D-Contour switch and the unit optimizes itself for the right application. Nice. We tested them out both as PA mains and as stage monitors, and were equally impressed with the sound clarity, overall volume capabilities, and lack of “bass boom” inherent in some of the more compact units we’ve used. In fact, bass signals were tight and punchy without adding mud to the low end of the mix – crucial for musicians who’ll depend on these in a live setting.

Overall, the build quality, sound quality, available ins and outs as well as the switchable high-pass filter (useful when adding a sub to the package) add up to an incredible value for what you get. Highly recommended for touring artists or small venue proprietors.


FIR-X tuning delivers excellent sound quality with high resolution and a smooth frequency response.

D-Contour optimizes the DBR12 for main speaker or floor monitor use.

Onboard mixer lets you select either a direct output or a mixed output.

Comprehensive inputs for mixer, musical instrument, or media players.

Amplifier and power supply design provides powerful output from a compact speaker.

DSP-controlled protection functionality promotes optimum reliability.

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