Upgrade Your Wireless Rig With Sennheiser’s Trade-In Program

by | Mar 6, 2023 | Live Sound

Tired of your old wireless set-up? Getting interference or dropouts on-stage? Perhaps it’s time to level-up your rig, and trade-in some of that old equipment for new wireless gear.

Sennheiser is currently running a trade-in program now through the end of March 2023, where you can turn in your current wireless gear and get cash back when you purchase new Sennheiser wireless products.


We’re particularly stoked about the newest addition to the Evolution Wireless series, the EW-DX system, which we’re currently testing out for the magazine and will be doing a more in-depth “how-to” video on later this spring. So keep an eye out for that.

Our initial thoughts:

  • Build quality is excellent across the board, including the handheld mic and transmitter, and the receiver
  • Latency is seemingly non-existent in our tests so far
  • Audio dropouts are also non-existent and the wireless range is great
  • Battery life is excellent
  • Sound quality is rock solid — your vocalist will love this system!
  • Most importantly, it’s simple to use and setup, especially for old-timers like me who dislike reading manuals and menu-diving; initializing everything is a breeze and doesn’t require a degree in engineering to get going.

So, is it time to up your game? Full details on the Sennheiser Trade-In Program are below…


Step up to new digital wireless and get cash back when you trade in your old system! Wireless gear from any competitive manufacturer will be accepted! This offer is valid to U.S. addresses only, for eligible products purchased via an authorized US Sennheiser dealer. Read below or CLICK HERE for more details.


Please see below for important promotional dates.

• Place an order for new, eligible wireless between January 9th, 2023 and March 31st, 2023.
• When your new wireless arrives, send in your old systems along with the supporting materials outlined below no later than June 30th, 2023 to earn a cash rebate.
• Cash back will be issued in 8-10 weeks

STEP 1: Purchase eligible digital wireless from an authorized US Sennheiser dealer

The following digital wireless series are eligible for this promotion:
Evolution Wireless Digital EW-D
XS Wireless Digital

When your new wireless systems have been received, please do the following:

  1. Make copies of your dated order confirmation and final sales receipt. Orders must be placed between January 9th, 2023 and March 31st, 2023.
  2. Cut the UPC codes off the sides of your new Sennheiser boxes (no photocopies accepted).
  3. Fill out the trade-in form below. Be sure to indicate your desired payment method.

STEP 2: Trade-in your old wireless gear

When your new Sennheiser wireless systems arrive:

  1. Send the sales receipt and UPC code from your newly purchased wireless system along with the completed trade-in form and your old wireless system to the address listed on the form. Please be sure to save your tracking information for future reference. Rebates for traded-in systems will be matched one-to-one against new systems purchased, up to but not greater than the quantity of new systems purchased. Any manufacturer, make or model will be accepted for trade-in rebate!

That’s it! Please allow 8-10 weeks for your trade-in to be processed and payment received.

Questions? Email [email protected]

FOR COMPLETE DETAILS, VISIT https://en-us.sennheiser.com/wireless-trade-in