Shure PSM 300 Personal Wireless Monitoring System Review

by | Jun 29, 2015 | Live Sound

Shure PSM 300 Personal Wireless Monitoring System

PROS: easy to use, expandable.
CONS: might be overkill for a bar band.
PRICE: $699

PCH-Shure-PSM300Not all that long ago, earbud-based wireless monitoring systems were the type of thing only multi-platinum artists could afford. Shure (again) brings the professional to an affordable level, with their new PSM 300 system.

The belt pack is Shure’s P3RA, which is about the size of an iPod. Running on 2 AA batteries that have a 5-hour life on standard alkaline versions, there is an optional (not included) rechargeable battery and charging unit, as well as a multi-bay version that can handle eight transmitters. It feels robust with a simple control setup: a volume knob and two arrows to scroll through settings on the LCD display. Settings such as a 2-band EQ, stereo balance, as well as mixing two independent music sources are easily accessible. One such application would be a guitarist wanting more vocals in a mix, while a bass player may want more guitar, for example.

The 1/2 rack transmitter comes with a rack mount kit, which can be configured for one or two transmitters. It’s a simple layout: input level, a sync button, LCD display, grouping, channel and a power button. The rear panel has a power connection, mono/stereo selector switch, 1/4 connections for loop outputs (linking another transmitter), two 1/4” audio inputs and an antenna. The range of the system is about 300 feet, plenty for most stages, even in arenas.

Setup is easy; plug everything in the appropriate locations, press the sync button, and it’s pretty much good to go. There is plenty of clarity and volume, even in loud situations. And the earbuds that are included are super comfortable. Thankfully, they connect like a regular set of earbuds, with a 1/8” stereo end. This allows the user to use ones that may be a better fit for their ears.

It’s not hard to think that this would be perfect for a singer, but a great application would be for a drummer, especially one who relies on musical cues that might get missed through the wash of cymbals. The only downside might be getting a sound guy to take the time to integrate this into his system at the local club, but that could be said of a lot of road gear. For performers who are just getting into the world of larger, more modern stages, this system is definitely worth looking in to.

Wireless coverage that extends up to 300 feet
Use MixMode or stereo mode to create a personal two-channel mix
Easy-to-adjust volume and mix controls
Scan function quickly finds an open frequency
Over 90dB of dynamic range for precise, low-noise audio
Up to 6 hours continuous use
Slim, lightweight bodypack
Includes SE112 sound isolating earphones
Rack hardware kit included