Shure GLX-D16 Digital Wireless System Review

81Q-MFsLbFL._SL1500_PROS: Great design, durable construction, sounds fantastic.
CONS: Battery design, super long cable on transmitter.
PRICE: $449 MAP $219 (street)

In the ’80s almost every guitarist had a wireless system in their rack. Pedalboards rule the stage now, and integrating a wireless system can be tricky. Shure’s been able to bring a wireless unit to the masses that’s meant to live alongside your pedals – the GLXD16 Digital Wireless System.

The receiver is in a metal case and has a recessed display, making the chances of an errant foot causing any damage slim. Power comes in through a 2.5mm jack, which is pretty much the industry standard. A 9v power adapter is included, but it can work with the 9v from a pedalboard’s power supply. The receiver also functions as a tuner.

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The metal-cased transmitter is equally robust. The lithium ion rechargeable battery is specific to the transmitter. Plugging the transmitter into the included wall adapter charges it, but the unit can also be charged via a USB port. The transmitter can also display the battery’s power level, which should be around 16 hours per charge.

It’s a digital system so there is plenty of clarity and definition. A touch of high end seems to come through, as is common on most wireless systems, easily remedied by adjusting some EQ. The 200 foot indoor and 165-foot outdoor range should be enough for most players and stages.

The construction and sound don’t leave you hanging. The only downside is the battery; on the rare occasion that it could be dead, there’s no way of going to a 7-11 on the road and replacing it. While the transmitter is a good design, the cable that comes with it is way too long for the average player. If it was half as long there would be still be plenty of slack. Other than that, it’s hard to poke at something that works so well.


  • LINKFREQ Automatic Frequency Management
  • Globally-unlicensed 2.4 GHz frequency band allows operation of up to 8 compatible systems
  • Guitar pedal form factor for easy mounting on/powering from pedalboards
  • Rugged metal chassis design
  • Built-in chromatic instrument tuner with strobe and needle tuning views
  • Adjustable reference pitch (432-447Hz)
  • Highly visible LCD display
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