REVIEW: Gig Gear Original Gig Gloves v2

Read our expert review of the Gig Gear Original Gig Gloves v2, and find out why every road musician should keep a pair handy.

Today’s DIY musician takes on a lot of tasks, and has to be a professional at every aspect of their career. In the studio, they become their own producer and engineer. Live, they become their own sound reinforcement staff, and when on the road, their own tour manager. Being on the road can be a tough job, and loading gear in and out can be murder on hands. The same hands that then have to work an instrument, are also lugging cabinets, amps and cases. Gig Gear took a good idea like work gloves and made them a lot more musician friendly.

The gloves have an excellent fit and feel, with a stretchy material that feels like a combination of neoprene and leather. There are multiple sizes from XS to XXL, and all feature a Velcro strap for a snug fit. The fingers and back sides feature a yellow TPR molding that can cushion impacts, while the palm area is reinforced at the base of the fingers and the lower palm. Ever have to move a heavy item into place with another person? Remember how the other helper crammed it in so tight it pinned your hand against the wall before you could get it out of the way? Yeah, that TPR molding is there for just that reason.

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Work gloves are great, until you have to take them on and off, to either grip something gingerly or use a touchscreen. The Gig Gear Gig Gloves (say that three times fast) have thought this problem through. The ends of the thumb, forefinger and middle finger can flip back easily, exposing your fingertips. Need to grab that washer or nut off of the floor? No problem. For sound professionals who are mixing with tablets, this is great — not having to take the gloves off, but still having the ability to use a touchscreen to mix is bliss!

The price is $39, and a decent set of mechanics gloves or work gloves would be about the same price. But those are a lot bulkier, meant for hi-impact situations, and are a bit overkill for most situations musicians would find themselves in. The Gig Gear gloves are a bit lighter and offer up a lot more dexterity, and the ability to not have to take off a set of gloves every time you need to use your phone or grab a small item is the big sell.

If you’re still at the point where you’re loading your own gear in and out of a venue, a set of these can keep those hands in good shape for the show. For any roadie or crew member, this is a no brainer, as well.

PROS: Nice fit, nice flip finger ability.

CONS: None.

PRICE: $39

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