TOUR TEST: Going Wireless On The Road With The Ries Brothers & Audio-Technica

[Editor’s note: we recently held a nationwide search to find a band to tour test some awesome new System 10 wireless gear from our friends at Audio-Technica. After receiving a ton of great entries, we landed on The Ries Brothers, a Florida two-some who were headed out on the road with Miggs and Terry McDermott. So we shipped the boys some new toys (the ATW-1102 package, to be exact) and had them blog, tweet and ‘gram their thoughts over the course of the tour. Below is their final wrap-up…]

Hi, this is Charlie Ries, singer, songwriter, keyboardist, and drummer for  “The Ries Brothers.”  It was a pleasure to use the new System 10 wireless mic/transmitter and receiver from Audio-Technica this fall while on tour with Miggs. This was my first experience ever using a wireless mic, and I am really grateful I got to try out this awesome combo!

The sound quality on this new system is so good and so pure, I never want to use anything else but this mic from Audio-Technica.  I have never sounded better vocally! My brother plays guitar, and since we’re a duo, I have to do a lot to fill in the rest of the sound. So I play drums, keyboard bass, and sing at the same time. I also get out front to sing and play piano when we’re doing softer songs. So the ability to move freely on-stage without a tangle of wires is huge.

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Needless to say, this mic helped tremendously. I could carry it all over the stage without worrying about tripping over a cable. Then when I headed back to the drums, it was so easy; just put it on the stand and go! No cables to get in your way. I also take the mic off the stand and put it in quickly to play my instrument quite a bit, and the mic fit so well in the clip that it was incredibly easy to do so. I can’t recommend this unit enough, especially for singers who are playing instruments at the same time, or singers who just like to move around and cover the entire stage.

We had a great time in 2014. In addition to touring with Miggs, we opened for Daughtry, Little River Band, Edgar Winter, played part of the Vans Warped Tour, and did a 10-city tour opening for Chicago, which included the legendary Ryman Auditorium in Nashville. We’re working hard to ensure that 2015 will be even better, and the System 10 Wireless package will definitely be a part of our tour gear. Come see The Ries Brothers on tour this year! Visit us at for all of our upcoming dates, and thanks again to Audio-Technica and Performer Magazine for hooking us up with the great new gear!

For more information, head to and be sure to follow The Ries Brothers on Twitter @riesbrothers

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