Electro-Voice ETX-10P Powered Loudspeaker Review

10P-Hero-GrillPROS: Flexible, expandable, great adjustability physically & sonically
CONS: Slightly pricey.

EV’s ETX system is a professional level series, which is simple enough to keep “roadies” away, and still sound fantastic. The Electro-Voice ETX-10P Powered Loudspeaker sports a 10” woofer and a 1.25” high frequency driver. The enclosure’s design enables it to be used in a monitor or in a front-of-house application, with two tripod post supports (one angled, one vertical), and the ability to be hung from a ceiling. Inside a 2,000-watt class-D power amp and Digital Control Processor reside.

The connections are 1/4” and XLR, so no special cables are needed to connect a pair together. The two inputs also have volume controls, meaning if the only thing running through these speakers is two sound sources (vocals or acoustic guitar, for example) a mixing board isn’t necessary. The on-board digital processor has a bright display and is super easy to navigate. Settings can adjust for the type of application: music playback, live sound, or speech. Tweaking based on location takes it even a step further. Not enough? An adjustable EQ is available as well. To keep things safe, it even has limit controls to prevent failures (both audio-wise, and also heat-wise). It’s also able to integrate with the other speakers in their ETX line, such as EV’s ETX-18SP subwoofer model, making for a really robust, scalable system.

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At the end of the day, it’s a super powerful monitor/PA speaker, with plenty of headroom, and is adjustable for optimum clarity and definition. With an output rated at 134dB (louder than some small aircraft) it should be able to handle almost anything thrown at it, especially as a part of complete professional sound system. Street price is $1100, but considering what it can do, and that it does it so well, maybe it’s time to sell the hobbled-together PA system to another band (or venue), and take a step in the right direction.


  • Frequency Response: 85 Hz – 20 kHz
  • Frequency Range: 65 Hz – 20 kHz
  • Maximum SPL: 134 dB peak
  • Coverage (H x V): 90 x 60 degrees
  • Power Rating: 2000 W
  • LF Transducer: SMX2100 254 mm (10 in)
  • HF Transducer: DH3-B 1.25-in titanium compression driver
  • Crossover Frequency: 1700 Hz
  • Connectors: (2) XLR/TRS combo jack and (1) XLR link output


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