VIDEO PLAYLIST: Bose S1 Pro In-Depth Review

by | Jun 18, 2018 | Best Portable PA Systems

Back in January, we had an opportunity to test out the new BOSE S1 Pro personal PA system. Trying it out hands-on, we could tell instantly see what the buzz was about. It was lightweight, ultra-portable, priced affordably, and had an easy-to-use, yet powerful, set of features that any artist could use immediately. We appreciated some of the more sophisticated aspects of the S1 Pro, as well, such as the 3-channel mixer and wireless streaming capabilities.

Further, we appreciated the fact that the battery last for hours – an absolute just for on-the-go situations. We were also really impressed that the entire unit can be positioned in a variety of angles, and the S1 Pro will sense the change in position and optimize the sound for you on-the-fly. It’s a really smart, well-designed unit that ticks all the boxes.

But don’t take our word for it. We enlisted the help of filmmaker and musician MikelParis (touring keyboardist for O.A.R. and creator/host of TuneTrek) to walk us through the BOSE S1 Pro in a series of video diaries.

He traveled (literally) by plane, train and automobile to test out the system on the road, in real-world live situations. Watch his mini-series below, and for more information, be sure to check out the BOSE s1 Pro’s official site.