by | Oct 6, 2016 | Best Portable PA Systems

The new JBL EON ONE isn’t just a portable PA system, it’s an actual compact linear-array speaker system that just happens to be easy to travel with.

And it’s really simple to set up, which will make getting ready for the gig all that much easier.

So who is this for? After testing out the EON ONE for a few weeks, it’s clear that this is an ideal solution for solo artists and probably duos or very small combos who demand superior sound quality for live performances. One of the nice touches is a built-in Bluetooth system that allows streaming directly from your phone or tablet; so if you are a singer/songwriter with backing tracks, you and your tracks can go straight through the EON ONE.

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For more hands-on tweak-ability, the 6-channel mixer offers a familiar, easy-to-use interface with standard inputs for mics, RCA ins and 1/4 instrument cables, as well as the necessary outs for monitors with volume controls for each. The mixer offers only basic treble and bass EQ for the mic/line ins, but does add some usable on-board reverb (which actually sounds fairly convincing, so color us impressed). The limited controls were OK for basic setups, but at this price point the unit did feel a little plastic-y, almost like snapping LEGOs together as opposed to assembling a professional-grade sound system.

Where the EON ONE really shines, though, is the full range frequency response that it affords to acoustic instruments and vocals. Running a full-bodied acoustic guitar and mic’d lead vocalist revealed a wonderfully rich, crisp, clear sound that was plenty loud for the average coffee house, all the way up to more medium-sized halls. If you’re into the house concert scene or doing wedding gigs, this may be your new best friend.

All in all, there’s really nothing to find fault with here other than a minor quibble with the unit’s feel. It’s a great sounding system, it’s incredibly intuitive to use, and competes on price with other similarly-marketed PA systems like the Mackie Reach. We recommend checking it out.

PROS: sounds great, easy-to-use controls, portable line-array.

CONS: somewhat plastic-y feel.

PRICE: $999


  • Patent-pending linear-array configuration (six 2” HF drivers) offers exceptional sound coverage
  • Unobstructed 10” bass-reflex subwoofer for accurate low-frequency response
  • Bluetooth connectivity for streaming audio from your mobile device
  • Powerful 6-channel mixer with easy-to-use controls
  • 380 watts of power, 118 dB max SPL for clear, detailed audio
  • Carry the entire system with one hand, set up in seconds
  • Perfect for live music, conferences, events and more
  • 3 listening positions for different environments