Manufacturer Profile: G-Sonique

by | Jun 1, 2012 | Best DAW Software, Music Recording Plugins & Apps

Creating Unique VST Plug-ins

Started in 2007 by two musicians who wanted digital gear that sounded as good as the analog they couldn’t afford, G-Sonique has dedicated themselves to making incredible software that makes creating great music easier and more affordable. Their digital instruments, FX, and sample packs are used by producers and DJs all over the world. Though mostly used by dance producers, their VSTs (especially the mixing and mastering effects) sound better and cost less than most other plug-ins available. “We try to make products that are either completely original or that are not available with good sound quality, enough controls or for a fair price,” explains co-founder Marian Brezovan, adding that they are in constant contact with musicians and engineers, trying to find out what’s missing and needed from the modern studio and encourage current or potential users to contact them with ideas for new plugins.

REVIEW: Twisthead VS-206

Vintage Tube Preamp Plug-in


If you want your recording to sound good you need a good preamp, preferably old and with tubes. The problem is that most are either broken, owned by someone else, or worth more money than your car. G-Sonique decided to create the ultimate tube emulator based on a collection of ’60s analog machines and, after much sweat, tape, and tears, came out with the Twisthead VS-206. The Twisthead brings back the magic (and voodoo) to analog recording, behaving non-linearly and sometimes a little unexpectedly. Turning up the input drive not only pushes the sound up but also affects reaction values across all parameters. Warmth, tube harmonics, saturation drive, boost, brilliance, and EQ all get separate knobs surrounding a VU meter on a weathered metal surface. The Twisthead loves dirty guitars, heavy drums, and big synths. It is ideal for live or electronic production, ready to add vacuum fatness and warmth to any sound put through its ever glowing tube.