Vintage Synths and Home Recording: In The Studio with OMBRE

by | Nov 16, 2012 | Music Production


What was your pre-production like on this project?

Roberto Lange: YouTube and eating and laughing…

How did you choose the studio?

Lange: It is conveniently located inside [my] house. 


What kind of sound were you looking for and how did you achieve it?

Lange: We were just trying to put together a palette of sounds we were both comfortable with through song ideas and cycles.


Julianna Barwick: We were looking to make a record that was fully collaborative, bits of you, and bits of me. I think we won. We weren’t sure where it would go or what it would sound like.

How does it compare to your last release in terms of style and the creative process?

Lange: This is actually our first release as a collaborative group.

Did you use any special gear or recording techniques on this one?

Barwick: I used my gear, what I’m used to – my loop station, my laptop – to create some of the sounds at home, then I’d bring them to Roberto’s studio and we’d use his setup to put it all together. We recorded a ton of stuff live in his studio.

What was your philosophy on live, full-band takes versus individual tracking?

Lange: I think whatever services the idea you have the best. Nothing is greater than the idea you are trying to realize.

Any special guests?

Barwick: Yes we had different sessions players come in [for the recording]. Jacob Wick (trumpet), Matt Crum (drums and percussion), Shelley Burgon (harp), Matt Bauder (saxophone), Shannon Fields (clarinet, Omnichord, Casio keyboard), Mario Schambon (percussion), Jason Ajemian (double bass), Jamie Reeder (violin), Jason Trammell (electronics and percussion), and Ahmed Gallab (Mellotron and Moog).

What were the toughest challenges you faced?

Lange: Coming up with solutions to some of the song ideas. How things would begin and end…

Barwick: Roberto and I had a tendency to talk a lot and show each other stuff on the Internet. We had to really harness in our concentration to get stuff done.

Any funny stories from the session that you’ll be telling for a while?

Barwick: I quite enjoyed when Roberto exposed me to the magic that is Marvin Sease.


How did you handle final mixing and mastering?

Lange: It was mixed at my studio, Island Universe Space in Brooklyn, NY.

Who are you releasing this through?

Lange: It was released August 21st via Asthmatic Kitty Records.

Any special packaging?

Lange: Yes, a gatefold LP with spot-varnish printing, beautiful photos and design work by Paul Coors, Carlos A. Lange and Jonathan Dueck.

Members: Julianna Barwick and Roberto Lange (aka Helado Negro)
Album name: Believe You Me
Recording Studio: Island Universe Space – Brooklyn, NY
Record Label: Asthmatic Kitty
Release Date: August 21, 2012
Recorded and Mixed by: Roberto Lange

– Deagan Vibraphone
– Danelectro Baritone Guitar
– Slingerland Drums
– Fender Stratocaster
– Blacet Modular Synths
– Moogerfooger Analog FX Module
– Maestro Echoplex
– Akai MPC 1000 and 2000 XL
– Ableton Live
– MDA Plug-ins
– Arp Odyssey Synth
– Andromeda Autonomous Bassline Generators
– Bugbrand BoardWeevil
– Korg Monotron
– Teenage Engineering OP-1
– Scully 280 1/4″ Tape Machine

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photos by Jonathan Dueck

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