How to Cut Down Noise From A Drum Room

by | Sep 28, 2016 | Music Production

Our friends at VocalBoothToGo have posted a handy video series with a number of topics dedicated to helping you get the best recordings possible. In this installment, they cover how to cut down noise in a drum room with Producer’s Choice Acoustic Blankets.

“Drummers have a bad reputation for being too noisy. Trying to practice with neighbors can be difficult. Adversely, living next door to a banging drum set can be difficult as well. We made this video to show you first-hand how just one layer of our Producer’s Choice Sound Blankets can reduce the sound coming from your drum set in your practice space. These sound absorbing blankets, usually meant to acoustically treat, actually yielded a certain degree of sound proofing. A very cost efficient solution with incredible results!”

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