Is Your Acoustic Foam Making You Sick?

by | Oct 5, 2016 | Home Recording

Our friends at VocalBoothToGo have posted a handy video series with a number of topics dedicated to helping you get the best recordings possible. In this installment, they explore whether your current acoustic foam is actually making you sick.

“We heard many complaints from people who had used a vocal booth or sound booth with acoustical foam as acoustic treatment inside. The complaint is that after some time the foam absorbs smells and starts to stink, especially if different people are using it.  A director of communication technology in one of the US Universities told us that they had such a problem, when using mobile vocal booths for students, especially during a flu season. They tried to use Lysol to disinfect the foam, and deodorants to mask the smell, but after some time the chemicals start to disintegrate within the foam and the smell becomes even worse! What to do?”

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