iKlip A/V Smartphone Mount Review

IK Multimedia’s new iKlip A/V Smartphone Mount provides an ultra-affordable Steadicam-like experience for all of your smartphone video needs.


Well designed, excellent sound options.



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With today’s smartphones, making videos is pretty easy. But getting quality angles and camera movements that don’t have that shaky Blair Witch effect can be tough. IK Multimedia’s new iKlip A/V is a smartphone mount designed to keep a steady feel, but adds in a great attention to audio quality, as well.

A metal rectangular tube is the base of this design, with a screw in, spring-loaded smartphone clip that can handle any phone (and its case) securely. At the end, a 1/8” jack connects to the headphone jack of the phone, via the included cable. The other end sports a hand grip that also contains an XLR jack connection for an external mic source. The grip also houses (2) AA batteries for amplification/gain control as well as phantom power for condenser mics.

iKlip A/V

iKlip A/V

All the related controls are also mounted here, and can easily be switched with one hand. A headphone jack is also handy for easy monitoring. On the underside is a threaded insert, allowing the iKlip A/V to be mounted on a mic stand or tripod. Just forward of the grip is a mounting point for a wireless microphone receiver. Clip it on, connect a wireless mic, and it’s good to go.

Just using it on its own can make for super stable camera angles and shots, the grip is far enough out that no stray hands or fingers will make it into the shot. It’s like a mini Steadicam for band videos, behind-the-scenes footage for your fans and even gear demos for YouTube. With a wireless mic, it’s an awesome accessory for mobile video/interviewing. Connecting it to a regular microphone like a condenser that’s great for capturing room sounds, and recording/live streaming a show just became a snap. Connect it to a mixer’s output (some extra cables and adapters will more than likely be needed) and getting a great live sound for video is within reach.

With so many bands going on the road, and communicating with their fans via video, this can really up their game, and add a smoother, more professional feel to vlog posts. For interviewers, it’s a super easy way to get great audio and video in one package. At $179 it’s not super cheap, but considering that even just professional grade smartphone-friendly gimbals and mounts can run double that, and offer up no comparable audio options, the bang-for-the-buck is pretty easy to justify.

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