Contour Design Unimouse Review

by | Mar 23, 2018 | Home Recording

It’s amazing to see how far a simple device like a mouse has evolved, and even more amazing to see where our workflow habits take us where little changes to something that can be taken for granted, can really make a big difference.

The new ultra-ergonomic Unimouse from Contour is slightly larger than the average mouse, but not overwhelming; large and small hands should have no problem adapting. The Unimouse really flips traditional mouse design on its head. It feels like a mouse doing a two-wheeled Dukes of Hazzard ride, with the main control surface angled. It’s adjustable from 30 to 70 degrees, with an equally adjustable textured, rubber-coated thumb rest. With a thumb in place, the rest of the fingers sit nicely above 3 buttons and a click wheel. Just above the thumb rest are two additional programmable buttons, as well. After installing the driver, each button can be assigned globally or for any specific application. Great for DAW users who crave tactile shortcuts to transport controls, etc.

The addition of the third button on the angled side is a godsend. Even for simple functions like double clicking. The side buttons offer up really easy access to commonly used keystrokes and mouse clicks. There’s really no transition in switching from a regular two button mouse, so don’t worry about a learning curve. The big learning curve will really be analyzing your workflow patterns in whatever software you’re using, and finding a way to adapt the mouse to those needs.

It may take some serious thinking, and may uncover some combinations of keys and clicks that have slipped your mind.  We tested and explored its functions in the Adobe suite, AutoCAD, GarageBand, PreSonus Studio One, Cubase as well as most standard software included on Mac and Windows computers. There were no issues, and each application was able to benefit from the extra functionality offered up by the Unimouse. It really comes down to individual workflow habits, but even on the surface, it brings better functionality, and really digging into it, can make repetitive mouse clicks a lot easier to deal with overall.

It is available in both USB wired and wireless versions. The wireless one runs off a rechargeable battery, which can run it up to three months, depending upon the user. But the big deal is it recharges via an included USB cable, so no having to find batteries that will end up in a landfill. It can be used as well while it’s being charged. Ergonomically it was pleasant to use, with no issues on adjusting hand or wrist locations, with plenty of comfort. In short, it just may be the most comfortable mouse we’ve ever used.

The street price is around $80, and considering the extra functionality and mega comfort it delivers, we feel like the price is well worth it for any serious home studio user.


Ergonomic, long battery life (wireless version), rechargeable battery, customizable.