Dynaudio DMB50 Studio Monitors

PROS: Great sound, good design, excellent flexibility.

CONS: None.

PRICE: $499 each.

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Monitors are the ears of every studio, and when it comes time to mix, it’s not a place to cut corners. Dynaudio’s angled DMB50 Monitors offer up a new design that makes you think, “Why hasn’t someone else thought of this?” 

They’re a decent size, but won’t clutter any studio’s desktop space. The speakers are angled upwards, meaning that they don’t need to be mounted on monitor stands or an elevated shelf for optimum playback. The drivers are handmade, with a 1” tweeter, and a 7.5” woofer. The rear panel has XLR and RCA connections, as well as a series of filter switches, allowing the speakers to be tuned for the room that they’re in. At 50-watts each, they can pump out up to 117 decibels. A stand-by mode also allows the speakers to be “on” while not emitting sound.

Sound-wise, they are simply fantastic. Low frequencies are crisp and powerful, and the high end is tight, but not harsh. It really doesn’t matter what kind of music is going through them. The ability to adjust the filters, mixing to whatever frequencies that might be under scrutiny in a mix, as well as adjusting to the room, is excellent. A lot of studios use multiple sets of monitors, which have varying specialties for mixing various frequencies. A set of these bad boys could end that practice, and easily unclutter a studio at the same time.

Overall, for a home studio, they’re a bit pricey, at roughly $500 a piece, but they’re a professional piece of gear, and monitors are one place where spending a few of extra bucks is well worth it, especially when they sound this good!

Frequency Response (+/- 3 dB): 46 Hz – 21kHz
Power Consumption: Idle 5.8 W / Max 94 W
Amplifier Power: Tweeter 50 W / Woofer 50 W
Resonance Frequency: 39 Hz
Crossover Frequencies: 1,500 Hz
Tweeter: 28 mm soft dome
Woofer: 7.1 inches
Weight: 16 lbs
Dimensions: 9.1″ x 13.7″ x 13.2″

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