Shure MV88 iOS Digital Stereo Condenser Microphone Review

Shure MV88 iOS Digital Stereo Condenser Microphone – $149

PROS: Great sound, plenty of configuration options, ultra-portable.
CONS: None.

Making “in the field” recordings used to fall into one of two categories: a super audiophile expensive system that was too complicated to use, or a cheap recorder that sounded, well, cheap. Shure now has a mic that turns any iOS device into an easy-to-setup mobile recording platform.

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Mounted on a pivoting head, the MV88 is a stereo condenser mic. At the base is the Lightning connector, now standard on most iDevices. It has a robust feel, made with a well-designed pivoting point that gives 90 degrees of adjustment. The included accessories are a windsock, a cable for monitoring and a small case, but that’s all that’s really needed.

Shure has a super-easy-to-use free app that works with the unit: presets are available, optimized for recording voice, music, acoustic instruments, and a full band. There is a flat setting as well, which can be a good starting point depending on the application (we tend to start this way and adjust to taste). A level meter monitors the signal, with clear representation of the sound source’s strength.

The mic can be configured for stereo, mono, mono-bidirectional modes, as well as a “raw mid-side” mode through the app. There is a wind reduction mode, compressor, limiter, and a 5-band graphic EQ to round out the audio processing, as well as a right/left swap mode.

Audio-wise, it sounds great in all modes (judge it not by its size!) For podcasting or interviews, it’s beyond easy. For bands in a rehearsal room, it’s not hard to dial in settings that will work for any particular style of music or the room being used. Shure has always made quality products, and even though this is a small device, there’s plenty of clarity and definition that lives up to their reputation.

The app records in Wav format, but can be converted to m4a versions after the recording is complete. Sending off completed recordings is also super easy from the app itself, so no having to find where it was stored on your device.

If your iOS device has a case, it may need to be removed in order to connect the MV88, which is the only real downside. At a street price of $149, it’s worth it, especially for anyone who needs to make “on-the-go” recordings that don’t require specialized equipment and training.

– MFi Certified Compatible with all iOS devices equipped with a Lightning connector
– Matched Cardioid and Bi-Directional 1cm Cartridges for best in class audio
– Mid-Side Architecture for a phase-perfect, clear stereo image
– 5 DSP Preset Modes automatically adjusts EQ, Compression and Limiting for optimal results
– Innovative 90-degree Hinge/Rotation Design
– Free ShurePlus MOTIV Recording
– All-Metal Construction
– Includes windscreen and headphone extender cable

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