sE Electronics Introduces the NEOM USB Microphone

Introducing the latest addition to sE’s legendary condenser microphones, the NEOM USB!

A plug-and-play side-addressed USB cardioid condenser microphone, compatible across desktop & mobile devices with all the necessary features for professional results.

The Only USB Mic with Ultra-Low Latency and a Gain Knob That Goes All the Way To Eleven

Featuring the lowest latency in its class and zero-latency headphone monitoring, the NEOM USB delivers crystal clear audio during a sEssion or livestream. The NEOM USB is the only USB microphone in its class that is compatible across Mac, Windows, iOS and Android devices with a custom ASIO driver for additional control on Windows systems. Plug-and-play, record or go LIVE anywhere, anytime with industry-standard recording applications and a gain knob that goes all the way to eleven!

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sE’s Renowned Cardioid Condenser Capsule Design

Based on sE’s renowned condenser microphones, the NEOM USB’s tailored 16 mm (2/3”) cardioid capsule ensures high-definition clarity and focused sound. Designed to pick up more of you and less unwanted room reflections to capture your moment, with impressive audio quality, effortlessly!

Plug-and-Play Compatibility Across Mobile and Desktop Devices

Thanks to its integrated USB C port, the NEOM USB boasts 24-bit resolution and up to 192 kHz sampling rate that contends with leading USB interfaces on the market. The NEOM USB is a plug-and-play experience to keep with the pace of creativity, for immediate use on Mac, Windows, iOS or Android.

Dial-In Your Own Monitor Mix Without Affecting a Recording or Live sEssion

Past USB microphones have made headphone level adjustments and monitoring difficult. The NEOM USB enables streamlined audio monitoring control with two separate dials to raise or lower headphone volume of microphone and playback levels independently of each other. The NEOM USB enables complete control of what you hear and the level of each source – sophisticated monitoring controls for on-the-fly headphone adjustments giving you transparency during fast-paced livestreams and recording sEssions.

Availability & Pricing:

The NEOM USB has an MSRP of $249 USD with a MAP of $179 / €199 EUR and comes complete with an all-metal desktop stand, mic clip + thread adapter and a USB-C to USB-A cable.

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