BLUE Spark SL Microphone Review

Blue Microphones have brought their legendary sound quality to the most reasonable price point yet with their Spark SL large-diaphragm cardioid condenser microphone.

Housed on top of the satin red housing is a well-guarded condenser capsule that functions in a cardioid pattern. The only variables are a 100Hz Hi-pass filter, as well as a -20Db Pad.

It’s fairly universal, working well with pretty much any acoustic instrument application we tossed its way, as well as electric guitars and vocals. Positioning is key, although finding that sweet spot isn’t all that hard with the Spark SL. For example, with an acoustic guitar that may have a lot of high end, simply point the capsule closer to the fretboard areas, and slide the mic back a bit for great results.

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Vocals work in the same manner, with a nice proximity effect that can really help give a singer the ability to “play” the mic. Position the vocalist back a bit from the capsule in the booth, and it opens up a lot. Leaning into it actually offers up more nuances, and doesn’t cloud things or get too bass-heavy. The hi-pass filter really keeps those low overtones at bay, while not adding any hiss or noise. Much appreciated at the sub-$200 level.

Moving the capsule around can really change the character of the sound source, and the range is always robust. Just sliding it an inch or so in either direction can open up a completely new response. This type of mic placement option can really help carve out an instrument’s place in the mix BEFORE additional EQ or mixing.

With a street price of $199, it doesn’t break the bank for the quality offered up. Even better, a pair of these wouldn’t be a bad idea for stereo miking or placed on either side of the soundboard of a piano. For a singer/songwriter who would like to get a really nice mic for home recording, it’s the first step in turning a “demo” into professional-sounding tracks.


Great sound, flexible applications, well priced.





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