Blue Raspberry USB Microphone Review

Blue Microphones brings the quality found in their higher end mics to the iOS/USB platform with their new Raspberry USB condenser studio microphone. Read our review below.

For starters, it doesn’t take up a lot of desktop real estate, and is pretty simple to use: a gain control on one side, and headphone/monitoring level on the other. The back sports a 1/8” headphone out, as well as the USB connection. It comes with a unique tabletop mount for recording podcasts or interviews, as well as a threaded adapter for a standard microphone stand. Inside the grille is an internal diffuser, and the capsule is a condenser that handles 24-Bit at 48KHz. Great for hi-res audio.

Using it as a room microphone connected to an iPhone, it’s perfect for interviews/podcasts/spoken word formats. It’s sensitive enough to pick up the faint hum of an air conditioner across a room, but it does wipe out a lot of excess white noise to a degree.

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Connect it to a DAW, and it’s a surprisingly excellent vocal/instrument microphone. The sound quality is fantastic, and again the internal diffusers do a lot for pops, but an additional pop filter isn’t a bad idea. The headphone out is fantastic for recording vocals, giving a simple way to monitor without having cables draped everywhere. Instrument-wise, acoustic guitars came across nicely, with plenty of top-end sparkle, while placing it in front of a small guitar cab provided equally excellent results.

The only downside is it only comes with a lightning bolt cable for iOS devices, so no love for Android at the moment, but it does work on your Mac/PC with Studio One, GarageBand, BandLab as well as MoviePro, so it makes a great mic to use for creating YouTube content with waaaayyyy better quality than your typical device’s internal mic. However, it does work great when connected to a computer using its USB cable. Included in the street price is a copy of Studio One Artist as well as some basic iZotope software, meaning recording and post-production is pretty much covered in one box.

Let’s put it this way: for under $200, a singer/songwriter can equip themselves with an entire mobile production studio with just what’s included with the Raspberry.

Overall, it’s a very versatile mic for the serious mobile artist or even voice over situations, as well as a great mic for your YouTube content. For a more time-strapped professional, it’s nice not to have to grab different mics for quick demo sessions while still delivering excellent sound quality.


Flexible, includes great recording and production software, great sound quality.


No out-of-the-box Android love.



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