Audio-Technica AT2020+ USB Condenser Microphone

PROS: Quality construction and sound, easy to use.
CONS: Included tripod is a bit flimsy.
PRICE: $149

lg_at2020usbSince USB devices have become standard, a lot of companies have flocked to use this technology in recording; with the AT2020+ USB mic, Audio-Technica has merged their industry-standard sound with home studio ease.

Construction-wise, it’s robust, with a nice cast metal casing and metal grille, it echoes the quality studio microphones AT’s known for. No cheap plastics here. A metal mount connects it to either the included tripod or a standard mic stand.

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Feature-wise, it’s not overwhelming, a 1/8” connection for headphones, and two volume wheels, one for headphone volume, and the second is a mix control that allows the blend of mic vs. playback signal. Connecting is simple: plug and play. It works with Mac and Windows software easily, and with pretty much every recording application that recognizes USB devices.

It’s a condenser mic, and its frequency response is pretty flat, leaving plenty of room for external EQ (if desired). For acoustic and electric instruments it works really well, with plenty of range and dynamics. On vocals, it doesn’t color the sound, and the ability for a singer to control their own mix and headphone levels at the mic is great, especially for those singers that want to run their own sessions without an engineer. The included tripod is a bit flimsy, but for desktop use such as recording a podcast or voiceover, it’ll be perfectly fine. In many applications a standard mic stand may work better, though.

Overall, it’s a quality built mic, with a quality sound, and is perfect for many uses: instruments, vocals or voiceovers. The street price is around $150, and for any home studio or podcast producer, it’s well worth the money.


  • Microphone Type: Condenser
  • Polar Pattern: Cardioid
  • Diaphragm Size: .63″ (16mm)
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz-16kHz
  • Max SPL: 144dB SPL (1kHz at 1% THD)
  • Signal to Noise Ratio: 74dB, 1kHz at 1 Pa
  • Weight: .82 lb.
  • Included Accessories: stand mount, desk stand, USB cable
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