Samson QH4 Headphone Amp Review

Samson QH4 Headphone Amp Review

Samson QH4

Knowing what you’re performing in a recording setting is key. However, when there are multiple performers, they’ll also need to hear themselves, as well as the others on the track. Samson’s QH4 is a simple and easy-to-use headphone amplifier that can give up to four performers a great monitor mix in the studio.

With four stereo 1/4” TRS outputs, each with their own level control, it’s quite simple to use; jack in, and turn up the volume as needed. There is a master level that controls the overall signal that goes to the individual channels.

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The left and right inputs are 1/4” TRS, and there are aux in and aux out connections with a 1/8” TRS. This can enable multiple QH4 units to be linked together – a nice touch for possible expansion. With a street price of $69 for one unit, a pair that would allow for 8 outputs is still a heck of a deal.

Overall sound quality is great, with plenty of headroom. It can do individual sub-mixes like when the drummer doesn’t want to hear the guitar, just the bass, and it’s more than just overall level control of a static mix.

But it’s not just for live tracking, the mono switch takes the stereo signal, and you guessed it, makes it mono. For checking out how a mix will sound in mono, it’s a nice touch.

For podcasting it certainly solves the monitoring situation in a simple way, and doesn’t take up a lot of desk space. While it certainly works well, the only qualm is the plastic casing, which in a cramped or mobile recording situation, might not stand up to getting knocked around like a metal casing might. But the price offsets that feature easily. On a desktop for podcasting or a less aggressive recording studio environment, it’s a no brainer. Hell, you might as well get two for this price.


simple design, plenty of headroom, good price.


plastic casing.



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