Blue Sadie Headphones Review

Blue Sadie

Performer Magazine reviews the new Blue Microphones Sadie Headphones

Like their previous headphones, the Blue Microphone’s Sadie utilizes Blue’s floating suspension design that is fully adjustable and comfortable. The over-the-ear design has plenty of padding on the ear cups, as well as the head band, and the cans are relatively lightweight, meaning no long-term fatigue or discomfort.

Inside the left ear cup is a USB connection for charging the battery that runs the onboard amplifier. They will work when the battery is dead, but the volume drops and the EQ response is fairly flat. There are two powered modes, a normal and a bass-boosted version, which is adjustable at the detachable cable’s end point.

They’re optimally designed and intended for listening to music through tablets, smartphones and laptops. Considering the fact that most of these devices don’t have a lot of tonal adjustments for listening, a set of these can easily make any sound source more enjoyable. Even mp3’s on a smartphone sound brilliant through a set of Sadies. There’s plenty of top-end clarity, even with the bass-boost function engaged. The bass-boost setting works nicely but it’s quite subtle, not overpowering things (like other brands) and completely changing the whole audio spectrum into a muddy mess.

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With a pair of Sadies, there’s plenty of isolation from the outside world, but there’s an air of room ish-ness, where the sound doesn’t feel piped in. For a serious listener, these could be the first steps into a larger world. The $399 street price is slightly pricey, but play a single track, and they quickly show their value. Beats beware.


Super comfortable, excellent sound quality.


Slightly pricey.



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