by | Oct 30, 2023 | Best DAW Software, How Tos

Want to save time and headaches mastering tracks?

Take a look at how far AI has come in our new review and demo of the WARP AI MASTERING program, a browser-based AI tool to help you quickly and affordably master your tracks.

One of the common criticisms of AI in general is some of the more…let’s say “out there” results you can get by just putting a machine in charge of the end product. How many truly bizarre and horrifying images have we seen recently when someone enters a simple prompt and gets back, well, something that wasn’t quite what they expected?

That’s why we dig this new WARP AI tool, since it not only allows for a number of custom parameters to be set (things like EQ and balance and stereo imaging), but also enables users to feed the AI reference material so that it can learn and analyze other tracks you like and tailor its mastering program to fit your needs.

In their own words:

You can select from various options to change different parts of the results. Select from various ranges of options in HIGH BOOST, BALANCED, and PUNCH. In addition, you can use the reference mastering from WARP to customize your audio results in even more detail.

See, you’re not just uploading, crossing your fingers and hoping for the best. The AI tools learns what your preferences are, and adjusts the fine-tuned, mastered file to suit your needs. We also like that you can dip your toes in the water for as little as $6 USD and see if it works for your project.

We tasked our reviewer, Steven Tobi from The Nearly Deads, to master one of his raw, mixed (but unmastered) Pro Tools projects using WARP AI Mastering, and his end result can be heard below.

Watch the demo video above as he walks you through just how easy it is, and see for yourself the convenience, time-saving and money-saving method that might be the perfect solution on your next recording project.

LEARN MORE and get started today at https://www.warpmastering.com/en