SOFTWARE PROFILE: Native Instruments

by | Nov 29, 2012 | Best DAW Software

Native Instruments is one of the premier software instrument developers in the world. They create samplers, sample libraries, synthesizers, and effects that have revolutionized genres and are used all over the planet. Their three main product lines, KOMPLETE, MASCHINE, and TRAKTOR each cater to a specific kind of artist, but are often combined by artists exploring new performance possibilities. The KOMPLETE product line is NI’s suite of tools for the modern musician with software synthesizers, samplers, and effects. MASCHINE is designed for producers focusing on beat-based music, with a unique workflow and extensive sample library. TRAKTOR is a revolutionary digital turntable system, helping DJs become more mobile and creative in the way they mix. Native Instruments is well known among hip-hop and electronic music producers and is increasingly used in pop, rock, and R&B, and is becoming more common in commercial production studios. Founded in 1996, they’ve continuously been on the cutting edge of digital synthesis and production, with a reputation for listening to their customers to keep up with changing demands in a quickly evolving world. 


KOMPLETE 8 – $559

Native Instrument’s Swiss Army knife of production, KOMPLETE 8 gives you everything you need to make professional quality music in almost any genre. All told, there are 27 products to explore in the KOMPLETE package including synthesizers, samplers, reverb and FX plug-ins, amp modelers, and drum machines. The Massive and FM 8 synthesizers are common in pop and dance production, used to create a wide variety of sounds and textures. Massive has become a key tool for many dubstep and electro producers, known for its big sound and wobble capabilities. Kontakt is a customizable sampler with an extensive library of instruments and a built-in audio editor for creating new instruments whenever you like. Guitar Rig is Native Instruments’ wildly powerful and creative amp modeler [editor’s note – see this month’s Recording Column for more], capable of reproducing many famous tones or creating wild new ones with its huge selection of amp models and FX. There is much more to the package, and each item is available for individual sale, but for a complete production solution there is no better deal than KOMPLETE 8.