First Impressions: Newzik Sheet Music App

by | Feb 17, 2016 | Best DAW Software

We’ve had a little time to test out the Newzik sheet music reader app for iOS, and wanted to share a few quick thoughts on what we were digging about it.

For starters, we really like the Annotations feature. Sometimes you have a chart that a band member wrote out that, well…maybe it’s not in perfect shape. One of the cool things in Newzik is the ability to quickly and easily highlight, notate and even correct sharps and flats in the music itself with the stamp feature. What I personally found it useful for was notating fx timing within a song structure (when to turn on delay, chorus, volume pedal, etc). The other neat thing is that in Band Mode, you can sync up your screens so everyone’s on the same page (literally), even when you make changes to a piece you’re rehearsing.

The other cool thing we wanted to point out was the Lyrics & Chord Management functionality. I’m a big fan of the dictation feature in iOS (I talk, it types), so getting down lyric and chord ideas in the tour van is super-easy with this. Another rad thing is that if you initially chart out the chords in one key, and realize you might need to change it to fit your singer’s range, a little slider allows you to transpose the entire song on-the-fly, and even updates the chord charts and fingering diagrams you had in place.

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