by | Aug 23, 2023 | Best DAW Software

Auto–Tune Pro X now supports ARA2 for Cubase/Nuendo

Antares Audio Technologies, creators of Auto-Tune® and the industry standard for vocal production software, announce an update of its flagship edition of Auto-Tune, Auto-Tune Pro X 10.3.1. This new version brings added functionality including ARA2 support for current versions of Cubase/Nuendo.

Auto-Tune Pro X 10.3.1 includes new note label options, and new Graph Mode scrolling functionality for all DAWs. Additionally, Pro Tools AudioSuite compatibility has been improved. With the expanded ARA2 support for Cubase/Nuendo, Auto-Tune Pro X 10.3.1 now seamlessly integrates with most major DAWs.

Auto-Tune Pro X 10.3.1 also includes all of the features in Auto-Tune Pro X including industry-standard pitch correction, Graph Mode, fully adjustable Retune Speed, Flex-Tune, and Humanize parameters.

ARA2 Overview

ARA2 is the latest iteration of the audio plug-in extension Audio Random Access (ARA). ARA2 saves Auto-Tune users time by instantly populating the Graph Mode with the track’s pitch data, instead of having to play back the song in real time.

New Auto-Tune Pro X 10.3.1 Features

● ARA2 support for Cubase/Nuendo
● New Note Label display options
● New Graph Mode scrolling
● Pro Tools AudioSuite compatibility improvements


● Free for existing Auto-Tune Pro X owners and Auto-Tune Unlimited subscribers.
● Available with a subscription to Auto-Tune Unlimited for $24.99/mo or $174.99/year (equivalent
to $14.58/mo if paid annually).
● Perpetual license: $459.00. Includes a one year subscription to Auto-Tune Unlimited.