Focusrite iTrack One Pre Review

by | Jul 26, 2017 | Best Audio Interfaces

The new Focusrite iTrack One Pre allows for simplified recording on mobile devices, all in one small, easy-to-use interface. Read more after the video…

If you’re going to do any recording, Focusrite will cross your path at every price point and feature set, such as track and input capacity as well as from home recording to professional studio levels. Now there’s a way to bring that Focusrite sound quality to iOS devices with the tiny and affordable iTrack One preamp.

The size is amazing, at 2.25” square it still has space for a combo XLR / 1/4” TRS input. Connect the iTrack One to an iOS device with the supplied cable, and it’s ready to go. Since it’s so small, there could be a tendency to have a cable’s movement drag it all over the place, but there is a sticky pad that acts like a suction cup, attaching it to a hard surface.

Once connected to an iOS device, it acts as an input for any recording platform, such as GarageBand, or any other recording app. Sound quality is excellent overall, and since the only control is a gain knob, it’s super easy to get a suitable level and go. The knob is backlit, and goes from green to red, visually indicating any clipping that might be occurring. Quite literally plug and play.

Focusrite iTrack One Pre Review

Focusrite iTrack One Pre

It can also run microphones that need phantom power, but to make sure they are not draining your iOS device, there is a red indicator light. In which case, there is a USB cable that can attach to a power supply to provide power. Plug a guitar in, and call up any amp simulator app, and it’s a practicing and recording tool. While it’s not really being marketed to be used in this manner, it can also be connected to a Mac or PC as a single input interface, as well.

The only downside is that it is only iOS compatible (sorry Android users), but it’s further complicated in that “simultaneous record and monitoring is not possible due to the iPhone 7 not having a 3.5mm headphone output,” according to Focusrite’s documentation. Bummer, since we’re all on iPhone 7’s here in the office, and we assume many of you are, as well.

The listed price is $129, but in most cases, it may be lower, as at the time of this review, it’s so new that it’s not listed on most retail web sites. With so many new recording platforms on iOS devices, some of which use a browser as the recording engine, this makes recording on the go, as well as exchanging ideas remotely, amazingly easy. Recommended.


small; simple; easy to use.


not fully iPhone 7 compatible due to lack of 3.5mm out on new models.



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