Auralex MudGuard v2 Review

Getting sound into a microphone sounds easy, but the devil is in the details. There are all sorts of diffusers and shields on the market, that vary in both materials and complexity. Auralex has worked out a very simple and neatly designed solution, its MudGuard v2, that is easy to mount, and can cancel out unwanted off-axis noise on your vocal tracks.

With simple hardware, it easily mounts to an existing mic stand. It’s lightweight, so there’s not a lot of adjustment to keep things balanced. It features a nice soft “v” shaped area that’s shaped like a convex valley, covered with Auralex’s Studiofoam on all sides. It dampens and absorbs off-axis noise, as well as limiting the “color” of a room’s acoustic character. Overall it gives a stronger vocal take, with much less excess noise, regardless of the microphone being used. We even tested it outside of the studio setting and were impressed with the reduction of noise in less-than-ideal settings like bedroom studios and the like.

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Auralex MudGuard v2

Auralex MudGuard v2

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Using it during vocal overdubs in the studio is a no brainer, but it’s design lends itself to being used during a session with other musicians or instruments in the room, allowing the feel of a live setting, while still maintaining isolation of the vocal track. Another excellent application is using it on acoustic instruments, for getting a superb “on point” sound without any excess reflections or coloring. It may take a bit of positioning, but we found the results to be very rewarding.

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With a street price of $149, it won’t break the bank, and the fact that it’s designed by a company that’s made its mark with acoustic treatment for rooms, shows in the overall concept and great application. We highly recommend this for both commercial and home studio spaces alike.


Home recorders and pro engineers looking for an inexpensive, easy and reliable solution to eliminate unwanted external noise on vocal mics.


Great design, plenty of applications that go even beyond vocals.





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