VIDEO GEAR TEST: Audio-Technica Drum Microphones in the Studio

by | Oct 17, 2018 | Audio-Technica Presents: How to Record Drums

Editor’s Note – this spring we put a call out to drummers around the world to test out a package of Audio-Technica drum mics. We chose Daniel Blume, who shot an incredible series of play-though videos for us, which you can watch on our YouTube channel and Facebook channel. The mic package we sent him consisted of the following: 

  • 3 ATM450 Condenser Mics (overheads and Hi Hat)
  • 1 ATM230PK 3-pack of Dynamic Mics (Toms)
  • 1 ATM250 Dynamic Mic (Kick)
  • 1 ATM650 Dynamic Mic (Snare)

Here’s Daniel’s final review…

First, I would like to thank Audio-Technica and Performer Magazine for giving me the chance to record with these amazing drum mics.

I was able to get my drum tracks to the next level and record with much more clarity. The ATM650 gave me a really honest snare drum sound. I tried different tunings and also different snare drums. Steel, birch and maple, and I got an excellent recording from all different types.

The ATM250 captured the low end on my kick drum nicely without sacrificing attack, so it’s a perfect choice to record with a lot of presence.

For the toms I used the ATM230 and these mics have great presence and a really nice “snap.” Overall, these are excellent mics to record all toms in different tuning ranges, from the higher 10-inch rack tom to the big 16-inch floor tom.

Finally, for the cymbals and hi-hat I used the ATM450 and I found that they do a great job recording higher frequencies, capturing a brilliant and crisp cymbal sound, as opposed to microphones I used in the past that would give me a muddy and unclear tone.

So that’s it!

The Audio-Technica mics are of professional recording quality and very well built so they will be my go-to recording mics from now on, no question. I will definitely keep them on my setup and use them to record all my studio sessions. I couldn’t be happier with the results and the tones I’m getting.

Special thanks to Brian Strean (my friend who got me this chance in the first place) and Benjamin Ricci from Performer Magazine.

You guys rock!

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