Top Pick: Synthesizer – Behringer Vocoder VC340

Looking for a different synth flavor in 2021? Look no further than the Behringer Vocoder VC340

If you’ve already got your primary synth sounds covered (subtractive synth, FM synth, drum machine, electric piano and organ, ROMpler, etc) and are looking for a new flavor to add to your palette, may we suggest the affordable (and awesomely retro) Behringer Vocoder? It’s a way better value than the Roland Boutique take on the classic VP-330, as that fits into the teeny-weeny form factor of the Boutique series, offers in our opinion a less-favorable sound experience and of course, the biggie, no keyboard.

The Behringer faithfully recreates the old circuits of yesteryear, including bucket brigade chorus for the Strings and Choir ensembles buttons, as well as the classic, robotic Vocoder section that we all know and love. Now, while we do wish the XLR connector was on the top of the unit (accessing the rear can be a pain if this is in a stand or tiered rack), that’s a minor quibble seeing as how you can score one of these awesome machines (with FULL SIZE KEYS – are you listening, Roland, Yamaha, Korg, etc?) for about $500 on the used market.

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