Stage Ninja Smart Phone Clamp Review

Smartphones, love them or hate them, are here to stay. With video and audio recording it can be a multimedia lab in the right hands. Stage Ninja has a great little mount that can make using one a lot easier.

Design-wise, it’s pretty simple. A spring-loaded clamp to secure a smartphone, connected to a flexible gooseneck that in turn, ends at a metal, rubber coated clamp that’s also spring-loaded. Simple and very functional, as the gooseneck gives plenty of adjustability for positioning, and the clamp can also be used as a stand — but for more stable functionality, clamping it to a fixed item is probably the best option.

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It has plenty of applications; for YouTubers who want a simple and easy mount, it’s a no brainer. Clamping it to a mic stand, while using the smart phone to display set lists or “cheat sheet” chord charts is a great idea as well. For interesting angles for video recording, clamping it to a guitar, looking up or down the neck is really cool. Street price is about $40, so it won’t break the bank, either. Heck, if a band could get each member to get one, and record a song (or set) from multiple angles using their own smart phones, compiling the video footage into multi-camera content is a great idea.

PROS: Great design, very flexible, priced well.

CONS: Might not be able to fit larger smartphones or bulky cases.

PRICE: appx $40

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