MY FAVORITE DRUMS with Bram Bessoff

by | Oct 21, 2014 | Best Instruments

Bram Bessoff (pictured on the left) started his career as drummer for long-time touring and successful indie band Soup. Now off the road, he speaks at conferences nationwide and helps artists get the most out of their live show and #makeitcount with live music production and sales reporting to Soundscan and Billboard.


2004 Custom Kit: Eames Drum Shells, Odery Drums Lugs, Pearl Hardware.


I promised my mother I would never get a tattoo so I inked my dream kit. The artist [Matt Poje, pictured on the right] burned in the lines and then stained the fills with custom colors. It embodies everything I love about music and family.


14” x 6” snare

16-ply snare give the brightness of a piccolo with the depth of a 6” snare drum

22”x18” kick

10” x 10” tom

15” x 14” floor tom

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photo by Matt Adams