MUST OWN: Sabian Stick Flip Bag For Drummers

PROS: Works great, plenty of storage space, folds flat, rugged, inexpensive.
CONS: None.
PRICE: $39

Here’s an simple way to make life on the road easier for just a few duckets. Sabian’s new Stick Flip bag for drummers is awesome. First of all, it’s a rugged, durably constructed stick bag – you’re gonna need one anyway, so why not buy one that’s gonna stand up to the abuse of your next tour? It’s roomy, with plenty of storage for multiple pairs of sticks, plus it zips up nicely and stores flat when not in use.

So those are the basics. What makes the bag more than just a normal stick bag? Well, this one flips up and stands on its own, pulling double duty as a stick bag and a portable drumstick holder that you can position next to your floor tom or snare for easy access to sticks mid-show. Rad – no more bags hanging off (and more than likely, falling off) your floor tom ever again. How many times do we have to witness a drummer scrambling after sticks that have just spilled out of his or her bag, mid-set? It’s embarrassing and just perpetuates all the dumb drummer jokes everyone seems to love so much.

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Best part of the new Sabian bag? It unzips and flips in about two seconds, and there are no snaps or hooks. No nonsense; we like that. It’s a simple accessory that someone should have been making all along; it just makes sense and it works as advertised. Plus, at only $39 online, you’re not breaking the bank for something you know you’re gonna use night in, night out for years to come.

We highly recommend the new Stick Flip bag from Sabian, simple as that.

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