VKnob by Option Knob REVIEW

Option Knob VKnob Electric Guitar Volume Controller

PROS: works on split shaft or solid pots, great for pedal steel-esque swells.
CONS: depending upon range of volume pot, might not do all that much.
PRICE: $12.95

One of the best effects devices is already built into a guitar: the volume knob. A simple, slight change in it can radically change an entire sound. Option Knob’s VKnob accessory makes volume changes, from radical to minimal, as easy as strumming.

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It’s basically a “wing” or lever that slides on the pot of an instrument. Simply pop off the stock knob, and slide this on. Placement will depend upon the player’s preference, meaning the best way to be able to manipulate it. It slides on and off with ease, so taking the time and finding the optimal position isn’t an issue, nor is it a problem if the guitar has split shaft or solid shaft pots. The wing has a scalloped notch that can give the finger of the picking hand something to grip, and the leverage to push or pull it in the direction desired.

It really makes quick, on-the-fly volume adjustments as natural as picking or strumming. Pedal steel-like volume swells are super easy, and it’s not in the way during normal playing styles. For players who like to run their amp wide open, and back down the guitar’s volume control for rhythm, and turn it up full blast for leads, this makes finding those sweet spots easy. Kinda makes you wonder why no one thought of it before.

A great application for this would be using it to adjust a control knob of an on-board guitar effect, such as delay or chorus. The only downside to it, doesn’t come from the VKnob. Depending upon the sweep of the volume pot, it might not have the desired effect; however, if the volume pot drops evenly and gradually across its range, it should be no problem. At a $12.95 street price, it won’t break the bank, and with a little practice, it could render a volume pedal obsolete.

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