REVIEW: PicStix Adhesive Gel Pick Holders

PROS: Sticks picks without leaving residue, reusable.

CONS: Not for use on nitrocellulose finishes.

PRICE: $5.99/pack

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Loosing a guitar pick mid song is never cool. However, being able to grab a replacement on the fly, is. PicStix has released a new, interesting and inexpensive product to help guitarists in this predicament.

Each pack of PicStix’s adhesive pick holders comes with two strips of a gel-like material that feels tacky enough to hold a pick, but not enough to leave any gumminess on your precious instrument. Just peel one side, place it on a surface, and stick some picks on there. It’s that easy. They stay on, and when removed, there’s no glue or residue on the picks or your axe – like double-sided tape, or even rolled over gaffer’s tape. When they get soiled, they can simply be rinsed with water and reused.

They’re quite inexpensive at a list price of $5.99 for a pack of two. So forgetting them on a mic stand at a gig won’t break the bank, like a molded rubber pick gripper (those always seem to get left behind at gigs).

Put simply, PicStix makes a great, inexpensive product that works, and should be in every guitarist’s gig bag or survival kit. The only complaint we have is that PicStix recommends their strips not be used on guitars with nitrocellulose finishes, which affects a lot of Gibson players. Luckily, the strips adhere to amps, mic stands, and just about any other surface on stage (even drums!), so it’s only a minor inconvenience.

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