[REVIEW] Guitar Thrones Spiked Strap Locks

Guitar strap locks are pretty much a necessity. You’ve spent a lot of money on an instrument, and you don’t want it to get damaged. And of course, the embarrassment of your guitar coming off on stage is just something we all want to avoid. Guitar Thrones has introduced a strap lock that does the job, all while adding a unique aesthetic to an instrument.

Simply unscrew and replace existing strap buttons with the GT version. They do supply enough variations of whatever screws already attach the existing strap buttons, so you should be covered.

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Slide on any guitar strap, and thread the pointed chrome metal pointy end over the strap button. They’re milled from 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum, and have knurled edge for grip.

The look isn’t for everyone, and it’s doubtful an ES-335 player would sport a set of these. But, for a metal/goth/hardcore guitar player, these would go nicely with a black leather guitar strap that has metal studs, bullets or other metallic details on it. The only downside is the pointy metal ends need to come off to remove the strap, and losing one during repeated removal is a pretty real concept. Leaving them on, however, might do some damage to a guitar’s case, or a gig bag. So plan accordingly after your gigs or rehearsals.

But they do look unique, and for twenty bucks the price isn’t that bad for adding an extra nuance to a band who’s already sporting the aesthetic.


Neat design.


Might not be for everyone, pointed ends might damage/rip guitar case/gig bag linings if left on.



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