[REVIEW] Gruv Gear FretWraps

by | Apr 26, 2017 | Best Guitar Picks, Effects Pedals, & Accessories

Gruv Gear FretWraps offer a unique string dampening solution for guitarists and bassists alike. Read the full review below for more.

Good technique separates the pros from amateurs, unwanted open strings ringing out is one example. But modern players are pushing things to where the instrument is just going to resonate and ring out regardless of technique. Gruv Gear has a simple solution with their FretWraps.

It’s a microfiber cloth mute that wraps around the guitar’s neck and sits on top of the strings, preventing any unwanted overtones that can resonate. It’s adjustable via the Velcro strap, and they have sizes that can fit pretty much every instrument from 6 string guitars to basses, as well as extended range guitars, such as 8 strings.

There’s no mounting hardware, so it’s easily adjustable for any instrument, just place it near the nut, and slide it around to taste. For modern players, who for lack of a better phrase “like to djent” with syncopated riffs and patterns where just the physicality of playing these complex parts would create sonic dissonance, this is a simple solution. Or for tappers like Guthrie Govan where accuracy and articulation is key. It’s not fun having a riff in the key of B flat, with the adjacent open strings ringing out, adding odd overtones to clutter things up.

Gruv Gear fretwraps

Any producer should also have a set of these on hand. It’s not uncommon to have a band come in where bad technique that doesn’t get noticed in a practice room gets amplified, and a set of these can make a session go way smoother. The $30 street price won’t break the bank either. There have been string dampers for instruments available in the past, but the FretWraps are a simple, almost universal solution that isn’t permanent, but can really keep things in tune.


Applications for advanced modern technique driven players, as well as a great studio tool.




$29.99 per 3-pack*

*Also available in a 1-pack ($11.99)