Review: Graph Tech Tusq Guitar Picks

It’s hard to believe that the standard guitar pick has evolved just as much as guitars and amps, but even the little things make big differences. Graph Tech has found an interesting way to change the tone, but not the feel in a guitar pick.

They come in three tone choices, material-wise: the white material is bright, the beige sits in a warm range, and dark grey is deep yet warm. Each pick has the name and thickness in raised lettering molded on one side, and the raised Graph Tech logo on the reverse. It helps provide extra grip as well. They are available in a variety of sizes, from mini “jazz” sized to large three-sided versions. We got a couple of mixed bags, which have a variety of sizes and thickness.

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Picks are certainly an item that falls under a “your mileage may vary” situation. One player may prefer one kind, while another player could have the complete opposite preference. The claims of tonal response are really evident on acoustics, not so much on electrics. One great example is the three-sided pick with the warm toned material was excellent overall, with plenty of area to maneuver between the fingers, to get an open strumming feel, as well as some direct attack.

Their smaller jazz styled ones felt really sharp and positive. The edges are nice and have a very light radius. They also didn’t seem to wear easily, as the edges of some other brands seem to wear quickly based on the player’s picking pattern. An interesting observation, is while the thickness might be the same as other guitar picks, the Tusq’s material felt stiffer, which is nice for players who like the response of a stiff pick, but not a big thick piece of plastic between their fingers.

There are plenty of variations of size, thickness and materials, and certainly any player could adapt easily to one of these from whatever pick they’re currently using without any issue. Players that have their preferred styles might want to check out a mixed bag; it’s surprising to see how much a small item like a pick can really change the way you play. It’s short money to mix things up and get a positive response.

PROS: Nice variants on standard size and thickness of the usual guitar picks. Stiffness without thickness.

CONS: None.

STREET PRICE: $5.95 (mixed bag)

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