REVIEW: Amp Hook by The Wishbone Workshop

Placing a microphone in front of a speaker should be a simple task. But sometimes the actual logistics, as well as the fact that singers and drummers seem to get the better working mic stands at gigs and sessions, leave guitarists with a mic draped over an amp — with less than accurate placement.  The Amp Hook gives the option for optimum mic placement, with a simple design.

Quite simply, it’s a padded metal hook, meant to slide under the top handle of a combo amp, or between a head and cabinet. With an adjustable pivoting arm, mic placement is easy; just screw in the mic attachment clip or mount, insert a mic and point it at the speaker desired. Even with amps where the speaker isn’t centered in front of the amp, the articulated pivot arm can ensure proper mic placement.

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It’s great for those situations where another mic stand on the floor is just going to be a mess. When amps are placed on amp stands or chairs to provide monitoring, this also means a quick and easy a way to get the mic where it needs to be without a lot of futzing around. It can also prevent a sound guy from shrugging and stating, “We’re out of mic stands, so I’m just gonna rope a mic over your amp.” In the studio two mics can be added, with the addition of a stereo bar mount, so mounting a nice condenser, along with a tried-and-true SM57 is still no big deal. The extra weight isn’t an issue with the hook and it stays in place nicely.

With the pivoting joint, it folds up well and can easily fit in the back of a combo amp or in a gig bag pocket. At just $39, it’s short money for any guitar player to cough up, and it’s better than buying a mic stand that will get appropriated by the drummer or singer!

PROS: Great idea, simple, inexpensive.

CONS: None.

PRICE: $39

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