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Displaying an instrument has a few options; a floor mounted guitar stand, which is usually inexpensive and easy, until someone stumbles and knocks it over, or a flood happens (seen it) and the instrument is now soaking in a puddle. Getting it off the floor is a great idea, and GuitarGrip has some very unique ways to show off your instrument.

We received two very cool hangers, one was a very sexy feminine hand, their Blue Valkyrie. The other is a very masculine Copper Antique hand, that GuitarGrip calls the Classic. It looks like it was molded from a superhero’s grip and is plated in an antique patina.  The areas around the thumb and forefinger are fitted with a rubberized coating to prevent instrument damage. They do come in many other color choices, so matching to your studio/practice space/home décor is pretty easy, even if your style is bony skeleton/undead, and there’s also as a wood finished one that screams “I AM GROOT.”

Now they do come in left and right-hand versions, however that’s not dictated by the right or left-handed configuration of the guitar’s headstock, more of the shape of the headstock area, so check which guitar(s) you want to hang from it and pick accordingly.

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Overall, they feel quite rigid and robust. GuitarGrip states that it is safe for most finishes, including nitro. At the end of the wrist is a threaded insert to connect the hand to a wall with the enclosed threaded screw.

Installation is simple: drill a hole into a stud, then thread the screw into the hand. Now simply thread the hand into the wall. However, if there’s a situation where there are no wall studs to connect into, Guitar Grip offers hardware kits (sold separately).

They are certainly unique-looking and quite functional, the only qualm was the female one had some very long (and pointy) fingernails, and while you’re hanging an instrument, your focus should be on that action – banging the neck/headstock area on them could be an issue, if you’re not paying attention. If you’re looking to really do a makeover of your space, these are certainly very cool and well worth checking out.


Unique design, plenty of color/finish options.


Might require additional mounting kit (sold separately).


Copper antique $49; Blue Valkyrie $44

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