Peterson StroboStomp Classic Pedal Tuner Review

StompClassic-largePeterson Stomp Classic Pedal Tuner

PROS: DI function, true bypass, plenty of tuning modes.
CONS: slightly large size.
PRICE: $199

The Stomp Classic is more of a traditional stomp box pedal tuner, but it’s actually a bit more than that. It’s a beefy, well-constructed unit, with a large and easy to read display. The bottom has four lugs that can be used as fastening points to a pedalboard. With input and output jacks by Switchcraft, it’s well designed.

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A unique feature is this can also act as a DI box, via the XLR connection on the back side. There is a USB port in the output side, as well as a 9v power connection. The footswitch is true bypass, eliminating any tone suck.

Two other modes are selectable, one of which a monitor mode, where the tuner and XLR DI signal are active, but can be muted for silent tuning. The other mode is active DI configuration, a mutable DI, that when engaged, mutes the DI, and engages the tuner. The DI also has a ground lift selector as well as 0, 10 and 20dB options. The USB connection is there for customizing any presets, making it a digital tuner that really is easy to adjust, and not just plug and play.

The only downside is its size, as it’s slightly larger than many tuners on the market, but considering it also houses a pretty robust DI, its well worth the $200 street price.

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