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Rock on Audio was born from the love/hate relationship every guitar player has with their batteries. If you’re a band using wireless in-ear monitors, you are at the mercy of your batteries and their (always) untimely demise. Rock On founder Pete Lewis got fed up buying new batteries for each show and switched to wired in-ears, but soon found that having an extra cable in on-stage mess proved even worse. Solution? Put the headphone line inside the guitar cable. He then built the Rockbox headphone amp/limiter to solve the problem of feedback (and other noise) from damaging hearing while on stage, and put them together with his cable and Westone in-ear monitors in a handy package for musicians the world over. Every Rock On cable is handmade, and all products are made in the USA. Founded in 2008, Rock On Audio is based in Lafayette, CO.


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REVIEW: Rockbox Headphone Amp/Limiter

The Rockbox is a headphone amp that protects your hearing from unwanted loud noises. It can accept line-level or speaker level signals so you can daisy chain your mix off a monitor, and parallel output allows you to daisy chain through the Rockbox. In-ear monitors allow musicians to get a clear mix and end the loudness wars many bands fall prey too. The Rockbox also protects your ears from someone accidentally knocking down a microphone or spilling beer on the soundboard. Originally released in 2009, a newer version with extra circuit protection was released in late 2010.

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