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Endangered Audio builds module and stomp box effects for studios and touring artists. EA gear is known for unique sound and dependability, using only through-hole components soldered in-house at Smashing Guitars in downtown Asheville. Todd Kelley started the company in 2008 to release the Gristleizer, an updated version of Roy Gwinn’s module used in Throbbing Gristle. Taking audio input and using an LFO to affect the amplitude or a filter on the signal, the Gristleizer can do everything from subtle tremolo to complete signal destruction. Their most recent pedal, the AD4096 is a unique analog delay that is currently used by Baroness, Band of Horses, U.S. Christmas, and Emeralds.


Endangered Audio AD4096 Analog Delay

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The AD4096 goes above and beyond other delays with its Wet/Dry stereo out, Expand, and Infinity switches. The Expand switch turns the depth to 100%, causing run-away self-oscillating feedback for as long as you hold it down. The Infinity switch introduces a hold function that repeats forever, but not quite like a loop pedal. Instead of layering signal on signal indefinitely, the Infinite wet signal takes on the color of whatever’s being played. The Aux out can be switched between wet and dry, splitting your signal into two separate channels.100% analog circuitry provides up to 300ms of uniquely colored delay with adjustable delay, echo, and depth settings. From recreating classic delay sounds to creating unique sonic creations, the versatility of the AD4096 can’t be denied.

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