Mantic Effects Proverb Reverb Pedal Review

ProverbFrontMantic Effects is a new audio effects company based out of Denver, CO, focused on making pedals that are unique and inspirational, perfect for the artist looking to create a singular sound. In a market saturated with boutique clones or software emulations, Mantic is focused on creating something special in sound and usability. Founders Luis and Caleb spent years tinkering with electronics and circuit bending as a hobby to relieve stress while trying to repay loans and playing in bands together. Eventually their hobby led them to win the 2012 Moog Circuit Bending Challenge and to begin experimenting with original designs and ideas that got musicians so excited they decided to pursue effects full time. Mantic started with the ‘Density’ line of pedals that all focused on beefing up the sound in one way or another (The Flex is a synth fuzz envelope follower, The Hulk and Brute are bass boosters) but they’ve recently been expanding into new audio territory. “It can be a lot of trial and error,” Luis says of their design process, explaining that they focus more on getting what they want to hear than getting something finished quickly, with many rounds of revisions and test runs with musicians until they have it just right. Though Mantic is still young, they’re definitely a company to watch.

REVIEW: Proverb Reverb Pedal ($125)

The Proverb is a straightforward reverb with great sound and subtle modulation. Its sound is very spatial, good for big ambiances or subtle spatial effects. Like other reverbs you can get noisy by turning the knobs until the pedal begins to self-oscillate, but unlike other pedals, the Proverb will continue oscillating when you bypass it, letting you punch in some of that wild noise whenever you like without waiting for the pedal to warm up again. Great for guitars and synths, the Proverb has ‘Mix’, ‘Numb’, and ‘Dwell’ knobs, features true bypass, and is handmade with the highest quality parts in the USA.

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