Hercules MS202B Stage Series Mic Stand & MS432 Stage Series Boom Stand Reviews

hercules standsIt’s hard to imagine integrating new technologies or ideas into something as simple as a microphone stand, but Hercules has added a new twist to theirs.

Their straight stand with the “H” base sports a cast metal bottom with two cutouts, just the right size for a vocalist who might be using a pedal. It also cuts down on material, meaning it’s lighter and easier to transport. The boom stand, however, has a standard tripod configuration for adjustability, and with that in mind it’s a bit more adjustable for vocals and miking up instruments. In short, the boom stand just has great adjustability overall.

Here’s the aforementioned twist: the height adjustment on both is done via a simple twistable clutch, no threaded inserts to strip out, and no repeated tightening (or over tightening) to wear out parts. One quick twist to release, one to tighten. But it doesn’t stop there.  Hercules now has a mic clip that works in the same way. A simple cam lever at the end, no threaded connections needed. Just slide on over the end, flip the lever, and the mic clip is secured. Even better, it can be used on stands by other manufacturers. Both ideas fall into the “why hasn’t someone done this sooner” area.

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Consider how many mic stands have met their demise via cross-threading parts, and it’s easy to see that when the next stand in your tour van bites the dust, it might be time to check a Hercules.

  • PROS: Adjustable, with little room for user error.
  • CONS: None.
  • PRICE: $25-35 (each)


  • Specially designed for backline companies & touring musicians
  • Quick Turn makes height adjustment quick & easy
  • HERCULES H Base is weighted for exceptional stability
  • Lightweight and super durable
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