Fender Halo Guitar Wall Hanger

PROS: Cool design, neat functionality, safe for nitrocellulose finishes.

CONS: Drywall anchors not included.

PRICE: $29

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Wall hangers for home use have been around awhile, and Fender is throwing their hat into the ring with their new Halo wall hangers.

The Halo is very simple looking and mounts to any wall with ease. Placing an instrument in the cradle, its weight activates a mechanism that pulls a set of clear plastic gates hidden inside the cradle, keeping the instrument secure and safe. The angle of the unit is offset to give plenty of room, keeping the instrument from whacking itself against the wall. 

The rubber padding has a nice texture, grips the instrument well, and shouldn’t mar or mark up any finishes. Standard screws are included for mounting to a stud, though drywall anchors (not included, but available at any hardware store) are recommended when a wooden stud cannot be found.

It’s a simple design, and the retractable gates add a wow factor while still being functional. It’s a lot safer to have instruments mounted on a wall as opposed to a floor stand (which can easily get knocked over), and these Halos definitely add some coolness when displaying your favorite instrument.

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