Ernie Ball Everlast Coated Acoustic Strings

PROS: Great sound, long life, feels great.

CONS: None.

PRICE: $15 per set.

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Ernie Ball is the father of modern guitar strings, and one of the first companies to offer custom gauge string sets. The current trend is coated strings, and they’re not going to be left out in the cold with their Everlast strings. 

The latest offerings come in .10, .11, .12, and .13 sizes, and in phosphor bronze and in 80/20 bronze alloy versions. The coating isn’t something you really feel, but over time they resist moisture, and more specifically, sweat. The oils in a player’s hands can cause corrosion and take the tone away from a guitar’s strings very quickly. The bronze strings feel a little darker than the alloy version, but this can vary depending upon the guitar’s construction and wood. The overall feel and tone is excellent, and the consistency between sets is fantastic.

Overall, they’re great; strings on an acoustic are a huge part of its overall tone, and old strings really detract from the instrument’s natural sound, playability, and the ability to stay in tune. Dead strings can make a great guitar sound worse than an “OK” guitar with new strings. Ernie Ball has their bases covered in making a modern acoustic string. Players that really sweat a lot will really notice the difference, not only in the tone, but also in playability and string life.

Guitar Type: Acoustic
Core Material: Steel
Winding Material: Phosphor Bronze
Winding Type: Round
Coated: Yes

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