Eargasm Earplugs Review

Earplugs are a necessity for musicians, as well as people around loud, live music. The reason that cheapo DayGlo disposable versions always get lost or thrown out is, well, they’re cheap, and therefore they are usually MIA when needed. Getting into high-priced versions is tough, especially finding a decent company whose claims equal the cost. Eargasm brings to the table a welcome, happy medium.

Included in the package are two sets of differently sized transparent soft rubberish “shells,” to ensure proper fit in the ear canal. Insert the transparent blueish “filters” into the shells that are the most comfortable, and that’s it.

They do cut a bit of high end, but nothing as drastic as the cheapo foam kind that make everything sound like a bomb going off in a WWII movie, where the hero can only hear muffled voices. It just slightly takes the edge off of things such as cymbals and other harsh sources. Comfort-wise, they’re great, and don’t feel like something unnatural has been jammed in your head. Included is a metal carrying case on a keychain, so they’re always there. Using a carabiner, clipping a set of these to an amp’s handle is a great way to have them where you need them if you’re a guitarist or bassist.

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For those who hate the idea of using earplugs on stage (or are using in-ear monitors), the typical applications of any earplug applies: drowning out the noise of a loud crying child on a flight, or masking out a bandmate’s snoring in the bus or motel. If you’re seeing a lot of live music at loud volumes, a set of these are unassuming enough that no one will see any neon nuggets sticking out of your ears.

Overall, you only get one set of ears, and if you’re not gonna turn down, or stop playing with a loud drummer, a set of these goes a long way to help preserve your hearing.

PROS: Great fit, excellent noise reduction, inexpensive.

CONS: None.

PRICE: $29 [click to buy now]

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